Our mission

Powered by Yi Wu Shi Pan Da Dian Zi Shang Wu Shang Hang, Giant Panda Stuff’s mission is to promote panda culture to everyone and more. Over the past years,  we are designing and making more authentic panda-related high-quality products for all panda lovers.

We are the largest and the most specialized online store for panda stuff. We are aiming to be the most influential panda person zone for people to show their passion and love for panda bears, while raising the awareness of panda protection widely and create a harmonious friendship between animals and humankind.

Our products are handpicked by our buyers based in China. Very delicately made with great workmanship. All products will let you add a personal touch to the life from an all-round way. We create the place for you to choose from what you like from the vast options of panda items. From apparels, jewelry, to homeware and everything in the life, we are continuously expanding the categories and product ranges, only hoping to offer the best.

Every item here is about pandas and for a better life. There is no limit of imagination when it comes to that, therefore, you can get whatever item pops out of your mind about cute pandas, right here and now. Looking through our store, you’ll find designer pieces from all over the world. Welcome to share the passion and enjoy your time.